ESI 2015!

<align="center">To many of us the name ESI doesn’t ring a bell. But to

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on July 19, 2015

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<align="center">To many of us the name ESI doesn’t ring a bell. But to some people it means a week of a lifetime.
Even I didn’t know What ESI was or what it was about. Luckily I saw it on the news and my dad said “Let’s visit this show”. But it way more that that! There are people from around the world to give some examples there were people from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France ,Germany ,Russia ,Thailand, Tunisia, The United States And so many more. I have met some awesome people and I was so amazed with all of their projects!

Solar farm with a rotation feature:

Basically it’s a solar tracker, But the smart thing here is that they use water and gravity to make the panel move. By Mr Tossaporn Soankaew, Thailand view the documentation [Here](

Solar oven

Solar powered oven CONSERVAA: This oven is designed to work with solar energy (as you can tell from the solar panel). And is meant to preserve food and maintain the food quality.

By Hi-LAB, Italy view the documentation here

Next generation firemen:
This project is intended to help people get out and Firemen in the building when a fire occurs. This project uses temperature sensors and electronic engines.

By: Yusuf Yaaquob Hamidi, Albandar Ghanem Anzi, Ali Muhamed Ali. Kuwait view the documentation here

Does heat affect battery life? :
In this project we investigate this urban myth. In this test we use 3 identical 1.5V battery’s. But as it turns out it does affect the battery life!

By Ahmed Al Mulla, Kuwait view the documentation here

Project H.E.R.O:

The Haptic Environment Response Operator for the Visually Impaired. This is a very neat and wonderful project that can help a lot of people. So chances are you own a phone and well if you get a call, your phone vibrates. This project is based on that idea but then instead of a phone call it reacts to the environment.

By Wilfred Mason, Canada view the documentation here

Subliminal Over limits:

If you watch television you will see advertisements. That is a fact. But what do those advertisements cause inside your brain? Does it make you feel calm? Or Does it make you sad? No one really know the effects. In this project we investigated this mather.

By Sygnus Scientific Society UNESCO Center, Romania view the documentation here

laser Controlled Vehicle:

This Vehicle can be programmed in MATLAB to drive to the point of the laser pointer. It uses a webcam to see the “Red dot”

By Taher Jumal and Saad Kabital , United Arab Emirates view the documentation here

Stella Jr™:

Stella is a browser made by kids for kids. It’s faster than Google Chrome but doesn’t have the same futures. Since this browser if focused on kids that are just getting to know the internet. It also has a built-in Filter to filter out any site with bad intents.

by Antonio Song and Jorge Rojas, Mexico view the documentation here

Build to save water:

These days we have to think about saving energy and water. Especially now that the energy prices are rising. What if You had a way to save the rain water and also save on energy? Well this Project does just that! By placing water tanks in the wall you can: Collect the rain water and also save on energy!

By Mohammad Reza Hajivand, Iran view the documentation here

The ApaBoard:

The ApaBoard is a development board similar to Arduino but that’s where it ends. The ApaBoard is mainly focused on getting Kids, Makers, Hackers to make IOT (Internet Of Things) enabled devices. It uses the Texas Instruments MSP430 and also has space for a Trivia C Launchpad.

By B. Kiss Bàlint, Hungary view the documentation here

There were so many other awesome projects. And I could write a whole book about the awesome projects that I saw there. And also thank you to all the people who gave me souvenirs! If I ever get to going to ESI 2017 in Fortaleza, Brazil I will defiantly give you some Belgian souvenirs or even Chocolate in return!

I hope that everyone had a safe journey, And I hope to see you back at ESI 2017 (If I get the chance to join)