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Trying to do too much at once

If you are like me, then you're probably trying to do 20 things at once. But by doing that, you can relay mess up a your mind very quickly. And especially when things aren't going as expected. I've had it happen. During a simple touch IC repair I was thinking

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on May 17, 2017

Bresser Biorit ICD CS (review)

So a while back i've decided to buy a stereoscopic microscope. Not a microscope to look at bacteria but a microscope to look at microchips. The QFN48 I've replaced on my C.H.I.P I've been looking around and I saw that Louis from The Rossmann Repair Group uses

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on December 09, 2016

IOT As we know it today + rant

There are well over 6.4 billion connected devices out there today. with an expectation of 20.8 billion by 2020.[1] Well thats great. And I can definitely understand why you would want to have a DVR or an HVAC system that's "smart". When you are leaving

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on October 31, 2016

Doel, Belgium's Ghost town

Doel is located near the border of the Netherlands. It's also right next to the port of Antwerp and the famous nuclear reactor that has cracks in it's nuclear reservoir also beter knows as Doel I. Doel is threatened with complete demolition due to the future enlargement of the port

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on October 24, 2016

Cheap Hot Air Rework Station (with teardown)

A long time ago I've found myself in need for a Hot Air Rework Station. Then the search on Amazon and other sites started. The Hakko ones are a bit pricy and the JBC's are way to expensive. Aliexpress to the rescue. A 858D on Aliexpress And then I saw

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on October 21, 2016

Using the J Tech Photonics Laser add-on (2.8W)

A while back I’ve bought a J Tech Photonics laser add-on for my X-Carve CNC mill. It wasn’t cheap. I paid €405 for the complete set. This included: The laser and driver module, the 3D printed mounting kit + fan and a pair of safety glasses. The laser set:

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on August 09, 2016

USB type C Mod time!

What is type C? USB type C is a new way of combining multiple types of connections/signals in to one single connector. For example this single connector contains: a usb 3.0 connection, a usb 2.0 connection, a displayport connection, Analog audio out. And it can both receive

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on June 24, 2016

DIY solder stencils

So you've made a few printed circuit boards (PCB's) and now you have to manually solder all of those tiny 0402 SMD components. Or you are just curious how you can make your life easier when soldering a lot of SMD components. Search no more! It's Stencil time! You've probably

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on May 30, 2016

The X-carve is Awesome!

While I was working on fixing my Makerbot (Again) I suddenly heard the UPS bleep sound of a package being scanned. Before the delivery guy even had a chance of ringing the bell I had already opened the door, since well I knew what was inside of the box! It

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on April 25, 2016

New blog

You might have noticed that the layout of this blog has changed significantly and that most of the old posts have disappeared. Well besides from the outside being different so is the inside. I have moved away from Wordpress since I felt it has just became way to bloated. So

Posted by Ashley Van Steenacker on April 10, 2016