Hi there! I'm Ashley I'm a maker / hobbyist.

Ever since I was little I always liked to take things appart and just try to figure out how things work. Now that I finaly have my own little workshop where I can tinker arround with electronics and 3D printers


I spend my highschool years at TechniGO (Aalst) both campus Ledebaan and Welvaartstaat. starting at my 3th year, I deceded to follow the elctomechanics cource. And I loved it!

For college I wanted to give Industrial Product Design (IPO) at Howest a try. However I quickly discovered that Design is nothing for me. I'd rater have a bulky functional thing then a pretty paperweight

What do I do in my daily life?

I'm An electrician at Dyanco. I am responcible there to make sure all of our customers recieve working control boxes for their High Speed roll-up doors. Including ATEX!

I also coach kids at CoderDojo in Aalst. I coach Electronic related things like Arduino, Microbit, Codebug.

Other awesome things?

A while back I was invited to help with an Arduino workshop at Technopolis. Like how cool is that?

I also had a chance to talk at a HackBelgium meetup about a possible solution to bridge the gap when it comes to elder people and digital finace.

Let's see where life brings us next.